• Journal of Indian Dental Association Madras

          Journal of Indian Dental Association Madras (JIDAM) is an official publication of Indian Dental Association Madras Branch, formerly called eMIDAS Journal. It is a peer-reviewed open access quarterly online journal with full text available online.

          JIDAM takes pride in being a part of the academic community. An integral part of our academic mission is to publish articles of pinnacle quality with the greatest impact, presenting innovative research that has future advances. The research we publish is multidisciplinary and articles are evaluated based on methodology and high ethical standards.


  • Compendium of Science and Engineering Reports

    The Compendium of Scientific and Engineering Reports (CSER) is peer reviewed and selects articles and reports that bear high values in terms of innovative approach to applications in the fields of Science, Engineering and Management. The aim of CSER is to disseminate innovative ideas, methods, tools and products designed and developed by the students and design centres of institutions and industrial organizations. The CSER acts as the registry of innovations of tertiary level science, management and engineering students and present them to the academia and researchers worldwide.