Conference Management System (CMS)

Sciencebase provides supporting services for organising Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops and Seminars. An institution or an organiser can easily organise and conduct an academic event with the help of our state of the art platform. An organiser can acesss all digital means for conference management, such as;

         (i) Online Gateway for submission of Conference Papers

        (ii) Online review and scrutiny of Papers

       (iii) Online Communication between Authors and Organisers

       (iv) Editorial Services such as Compiling, Cfreating Galleys and Publication of Proceedings

Organise a Conference with Sciencebase....

Sciencebase always encourages the academic society towards dissimination of knowledge and skills. It is now far easy to taylor any event online. To organise a conference, mail to:

Terms and Conditions:

a. All papers submitted to the conference or symposiums will be considered for publication in ISSN/Peer Reviewed journals or Scopus/WoS indexed journal upon request.

b.  Publicaion fee for Peer Reviewed/ISSN journals shall be upfront before the commencement of the event upon acceptance by reviewers and editors of the respective journals.

c. Publication fee in Peer Reviewed/ISSN for each article is Rs.1999 (Rupees One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Only), inclusive of applicable taxes.