One of the most important parts of a graduate program in Science, Engineering and Management, is the Project Work. It tests the ability of a student to apply the knowledge and skill acquired through all other courses of an educational program. The project works carried out by tertiary level students do not fall into the category of fundamental or applied research, as per the classical definitions, yet are often significantly innovative. The CSER aims to provide an avenue to publish the outcomes of student projects in the form of Posters, simply an extended abstract, a research article or as the project report itself. 

Why should you publish?

  • Your contribution as a student is disseminated to the scientific world.
  • Employers across the globe can access your project work.
  • Help the interviewers judge the student's credentials by going through his Power Point Presentations (PPT), at a glance, in a single click!
  • Enhances selection criteria for Higher Studies in leading universities all over the world.
  • For selected reports, the cost of patenting is covered by the CSER.
  • Plagiarism is avoided and the student gets due recognition ever and everywhere.

Compendium of Science and Engineering Reports (CSER)

The CSER publishes the project reports in the forms of Thesis/Articles/Extended Abstracts/Posters and Presentations of graduate students. The aim of CSER is to disseminate innovative ideas, methods, tools and products designed and developed by the students and design centres of institutions and industrial organizations. The periodical is peer reviewed and selects articles and reports that bear high values in terms of innovative approach to applications of scientific and engineering principles, innovative methodologies in management sciences and breakthrough technical solutions with due concern on social and environmental aspects. The CSER acts as the registry of innovations by tertiary level science, management and engineering students and present them to the academia and researchers worldwide.

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