The Project Management System 

Welcome to the portal of Project Management System (PMS), that is now open to the graduating students of Science, Engineering and Management! PMS, an integral part of CSER, is a complete software tool for compiling the minutes of hard works, findings, contributions and outcomes of the student project works in the form of modern methods of presenting such as Posters, Power Point Presentations and Project Reports. As an additional option, the students can proceed to publish in CSER, if they wish, to make their work visible to a wider science community, employers, research universities offering Masters/PhD Programs etcetera.

Why PMS?

Typically, writing a project report involves the members of the project group and its supervisor. Students have to meet their supervisors often and prepare many versions of the manuscript before it is approved for submission. Conventionally, students prepare manuscripts and submit to their supervisors in person or through emails. The supervisor goes through the drafts and offers suggestions and corrections. The students revise the manuscripts and submit again to the supervisors, and this process goes on till the final version of the project report is arrived. The PMS makes the above processes of compiling and refining their project report a lot more convenient by facilitating online submission and approvals.

  1. Using PMS, students can communicate with their project supervisors/guides.
  2. In addition to Reports, the students can also prepare Power Point Presentations and Posters for their final examinations.
  3. Using PMS, students automatically create an online repository of their Posters, Reports and PPT's, which they can retrieve anytime, anywhere.

How to use PMS?

For Project Coordinators

Step 1: Project Coordinators must register in the CSER website and create an account.

Step 2: Upon successful creation of login credentials, project coordinators can upload the manuscripts, presentations and posters of the student groups on behalf of the students as follows.

a. Preapproved Reports

Project Coordinators can upload the reports that have already been approved through conventional approval processes. In that case, the reports will be directly sent to repository. And if requested, they will also be sent for publication in CSER.

b. Reports in Progress

  • If the reports are yet to be corrected by their supervisors, the project coordinators can upload a word document that mentions the list of assigned supervisors and their email ids for each group.
  • The supervisors/guides will be assigned and they can access the submissions of the students and review them.
  • The supervisors/guides can communicate with the student through PMS about the corrections and suggestions.
  • After arriving at final report and approve to submit to repository or publishing in CSER. For publishing fees, please visit CSER website. For any query related to publishing fee and subscriptions, email to:

Step 3: Project Coordinators can also submit the details of Internal and External Examiners, if needed. The internal and external examiners will be assigned separate login credentials by PMS.

The examiners can login to PMS, access the reports, evaluate the reports online and submit their marks to the project coordinators, either through PMS or through confidential or official emails of the examination authorities.

Step 4: The reports can be sent for publishing the Posters, Reports and Power Point Presentations in the Compendium of Science and Engineering Reports (CSER).

For Students

Step 1: Students must register in the website and create an account in the CSER website.

Step 2: Students can upload/submit/store the contents of their project work in the forms of Posters, Extended Abstracts, Power Point Presentations and Project Reports.

Step 3: Students can access, download and share all the submissions made by them through their login whenever they need. In this way, CSER login id can be used as a digital repository of their project documents.

Step 4: The students can proceed, if they wish, to publish their Posters, Reports and Power Point Presentations in the Compendium of Science and Engineering Reports (CSER).

Note: Even if the student wishes not to publish, still the student can always retrieve their submissions anytime. For example, during an interview session, the student can retrieve his presentation slides and reports to explain to the panel. Most students mention the links and DOIs of their reports, posters and PPT's in their resume to explain their project work in the most effective manner.

How to download/subscribe to a specific report

Step 1: From the list of reports, find out the report you want to subscribe and note down the RPT Number.

Step 2: Click the link below to fill up the details of the reports needed and make payment:

Download a Report