Recent Advances in Laser- as an Adjunctive Periodontal Therapy-Review Article


High sources of light, or more specifically non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, include lasers. The wavelengths of laser radiation are well-defined and predictable, and indeed the radiation seems to be more powerful at these wavelengths than can be produced by traditional light sources. Sutures are rarely indicated, there is very little possibility of mechanical trauma, and there is little scarring caused by lasers. The high proportion of patient acceptance of laser dentistry is one of its great advantages. Today’s patients are aware of lasers' benefits. Today's dental lasers are portable, lightweight, compact, and becoming ever more accessible. Considering lasers used in dentistry, the prognosis seems optimistic. Practitioners can benefit from this new technology through knowing further about lasers and this form of light's attributes. This review article discusses about recent advancements of laser and its implications in periodontology.