Periodontics as a Practice Builder-A Review


Gingivitis, healing, hyaluronic acid, implant, oral mucous regeneration, oral ulcers and periodontitis


Periodontology is one of the recent specialties in dentistry and can be said to have had its root as a specialty in 1914 with the founding of the American Academy of Periodontology. This article aims to provide information on the history of periodontology, which can be used to reinforce previous periodontology knowledge, assess one’s current level of understanding in light of today’s expanded body of knowledge, and look to the future with confidence that periodontics will play a significant role in one’s dental practise and help solve many of the problems recently mentioned.With improvements in the ability to detect, prevent disease and halt its progression, and repair missing periodontium, the area of periodontics is quickly evolving. To maintain overall health, all dental infections must be treated, including gingivitis and periodontitis. As patients come to recognise the significance of oral health to overall health, opportunities for early diagnosis and prevention will play a larger part in dental practise in the future. Education about the value of periodontal health for the general public is urgently needed. All of these data suggest that periodontal disease needs to be seen from a whole new angle, and a prospective approach of prevention and early intervention in treating the illness is more crucial than ever.